RTÉ 2fm and Noel Gallagher’s new album

When I was a teenager Oasis was one of my favourite bands of all time. Spent many a day daydreaming away to “Live Forever”, “Rock ’n’Roll Star”, “Wonderwall”, “Whatever” and my favourite Oasis track of all time “Slide Away”. Noel Gallagher was in my eyes the greatest songwriter in the world.

I never thought 22 years later that (A) I’d get to meet the man and (B) that he would record a track in our 2fm studios that he was so happy with that a year late15r he would include on his new album ‘Who Built the Moon?’. The track ‘Dead In The Water’ recorded in RTÉ 2FM’s legendary Studio 8 and engineered by the brilliant Damian Chennells is sublime and it’s a real honour to have RTÉ 2FM associated with the album.

I love what I do for a living. 15 Year old Alan would have lost his little mind if he knew that this would happen in the far off year of 2017.

How to interview a Rock ‘n’ Roll star, Howard Stern style

In my opinion Howard Stern is one of the world’s great interviewers.

In the clip below listen to his recent conversation with Liam Gallagher. Stern is fully prepped, puts his interviewee at ease and then hits his guest with an incredibly personal queston about his father. Gallagher opens up completely and it’s by no accident. Stern is a master of his craft.

This is how you interview a notoriously difficult Rock ‘n’ Roll star.